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Duramica GemStone is a large-format panel made from various types of natural semiprecious stones and minerals: lapis lazuli, jade, agate, malachite, tiger's eye, and other rare stones. Most semiprecious stones in nature have small dimensions, so they are individually cut, polished, and processed. After that, they are manually assembled into a panel, filled with special compounds, undergo technological treatment, and polishing. As a result, a solid large-format panel is obtained, consisting of a variety of semiprecious stone types and minerals.


Dive into the enchanting allure of our GemStone Collection, a masterpiece of artistry where the radiant glow of precious stones and the robustness of modern technology converge. With each panel, witness a dance of colors, patterns, and unmatched quality, elevating both interior and exterior spaces into realms of luxurious elegance.

Your Journey into Elegance

The Precious Stone Collection, with a mesmerizing 3 mm surface, isn’t just an architectural element; it’s a journey into a world where art, nature, and technology converge. Each piece is a narrative of the earth’s untold secrets, encapsulated in stone.

It is possible to produce curved and round panels

Samples Gallery

Optionally, you can add fossilized seashells and Ammonites – extinct millions of years ago, a subclass of cephalopods.

Shell stone

Each panel is unique and one-of-a-kind. The photos of the panels provide only a general view. Upon request, high-resolution photos can be provided for creating quality visualizations.

Here are some options of gemstones. It's important to understand that each stone block has a different pattern and composition, and they do not repeat. The photos of these stones serve as a reference. Specify your preferences, and we will select corresponding stones currently available in stock and send you the latest photos and videos.

All presented stones are available in the following options:​​

  • DuraSkin - Natural stone veneer on a ceramic base

Tiger Eye Gold

Tiger Eye Red / Hawks Eye Multy

Francia Red

Fossil Yellow 

Lapis Lazuli 


Obsidian Black / Brown

Amazonite Graphic


Petrified Wood

Jasper Red

Jasper Multi Color

Purple Graphic

Widow Black


Gray Stone

Tiger Eye Blue

Tiger Iron Gold / Red /Retro




Turquise Black 



Rhyolite Earth

Feldspar Graphic

Jasper Red Black

Jasper Lotus




Gray Riverstone