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Where Elegance Meets Endurance

Step into a realm where the mystique of metal meets the elegance of stone; welcome to our Metal & Stone Examples Gallery. It’s a space curated with exquisite pieces where the formidable strength of metal is intricately interwoven with the timeless beauty of natural stone, birthing creations that are as enduring as they are elegant.

The panel, already assembled with any pattern, is supplied ready for installation.

The technology allows for panels with inlays of both stones and metals, such as brass and steel.

The Alchemy of Metal and Stone

Our Metal & Stone Inlay unveils an eclectic mix of collections featuring inlaid natural stone and metal, patterns, and mosaics anchored on a sturdy ceramic base. With the freedom to choose from all our stone collections and an array of metals including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and bronze, customization knows no bounds.


Artistic Endeavors

Immerse yourself in the artistic wonders of collections DAR, DPR, and DBD, where every piece is a narrative, a blend of aesthetic sophistication and structural resilience.

  • DPR – A dive into the artistic depth, unfolding art collections that are as intricate as they are inspiring.

  • DAR – Behold art mosaics with inlay from metal and stone, a dance of elements echoing the silent symphony of aesthetic perfection.


The Fusion of Elements

Every piece within this gallery is a testimony to the harmonious fusion of metal’s resilient charm and stone’s natural allure. It’s where robust meets refined, unfolding creations that are as functional as they are fabulous.


Customize Your Aesthetic Narrative

With the entirety of our stone collections at your disposal, paired with the refined elegance of metals like aluminum, copper, and brass, every piece is tailored, a unique narrative echoing the silent sonnet of your space’s aesthetic and functional aspirations.


Place Your Order

Venture into a world where each piece is not just a creation but an artistic narrative echoing the silent melody of aesthetic allure and functional resilience. Order from the Metal & Stone Examples Gallery and transform your space into a narrative of metal’s strength and stone’s elegance.


Experience Unparalleled Elegance

In the world of interior and exterior adornment, our gallery stands as a sanctuary where artistry meets quality, and elegance embraces endurance. Each piece, each collection, is a silent testimony to a journey where metal’s formidable nature meets stone’s timeless charm.

Key Benefits of Duramica Stone Parquets and Mosaics:

  • Rapid Installation: Duramica panels can be installed several times faster than traditional natural stone mosaics, ensuring efficient and quick project

  • Rapid Installation: Duramica panels can be installed several times faster than traditional natural stone mosaics, ensuring efficient and quick project completion.

  • Precision in Factory Conditions: Working in controlled factory conditions enables the avoidance of gaps, rough joints, and damage to the stone, ensuring a flawless finish.

  • Long-Term Stability: Unlike traditional mosaics that may separate over time, Duramica's assembly and gluing process eliminate the risk of gaps, ensuring lasting stability.

  • Precision Crafting: Duramica stands out for its ability to create mosaics with unparalleled precision, even with intricate and small design elements.

  • Versatile Inlays: Duramica uniquely allows the incorporation of stone and metal inlays directly in the factory, providing diverse design possibilities with consistent quality.

All presented mosaics are available in the following options:

  • DuraSkin - Natural stone veneer on a ceramic base

Explore the versatility of our Duramica platform, where you can customize a mosaic to perfectly match your vision and design preferences.

Take a look at featured instances of finished projects and standard options below.

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