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SANDSTONE, SLATE, JURAS STONE & LIMESTONE COLLECTION is an assortment of exquisite sandstones, natural stones with unique textures and shades. Sandstone boasts excellent strength and environmental resilience, making it a splendid choice for facades and interiors. With a variety of hues, including golden, reddish-brown, and gray tones, SANDSTONE, SLATE, JURAS STONE & LIMESTONE COLLECTION offers creative possibilities and individual design options. This stone can be utilized to create elegant surfaces and durable structures.

  • Limestone (read about the comparison between regular limestone and limestone in the Duramica variant)

  • Sandstone (read about the comparison between regular sandstone and sandstone in the Duramica variant)

  • Slate (read about the comparison between regular slate and Duramica slate)

  • Jura stone (read about Duramica's comparison of regular Jura Stone and Jura Stone)

It is important to understand that natural stone is a material of nature, and the pattern of the stone may vary even from the same quarry as it is extracted. Some types of stone may deplete in quarries. Therefore, before selecting any stone from those presented on our website, we recommend requesting confirmation of its availability from us.

Our Duramica panels are crafted from any types of stone available in the world. If you haven't found a suitable stone among those presented on the website, just let us know, and we will definitely find the stone you need for you.

Sandstone, Slate, Limestone, and Jura Stone

Slate in architecture, construction, and design is a natural material consisting of thin layers of clayey rock. Widely used for cladding building facades, creating pathways, stairs, and other elements in landscape design. Slate is characterized by a unique appearance, a variety of colors, and textures, making it a popular choice for giving a stylish and natural look to various construction and design projects.

Jura Stone, limestone, and sandstone find versatile applications in architecture and design. Jura Stone, with its marble-like elegance, is used for interior flooring, wall cladding, and countertops. Limestone, prized for durability, is employed in construction, facades, and landscaping. Sandstone's textured look suits outdoor spaces, including paving and garden features. Explore our premium collection to discover the perfect application for Jura Stone, limestone, and sandstone in your projects.

Jura Stone is a distinctive limestone quarried in Germany's Jura region. Known for its elegant appearance, it resembles marble but is classified as limestone. With unique veining and fossil imprints, Jura Stone adds timeless charm to various applications. Limestone, like Jura Stone, is a natural sedimentary rock prized for durability and diverse use. Sandstone, another option, offers a textured look. Explore our collection for premium choices in Jura Stone, limestone, and sandstone to elevate your projects.


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