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Bringing Walls to Life

Discover a world where your walls transcend the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary with our 3D Stone Collection. We present to you a majestic array of 3D stone panels, intricately designed to infuse a dynamic depth, an enthralling elegance, and a multidimensional aesthetic to any interior or exterior space.

Duramica 3D Stone panels are natural stone panels with a textured surface. These panels are highly popular for natural stone cladding, as they immediately attract attention and set the mood in any interior. The surfaces of 3D panels can be given any texture: soft waves, stripes, graphic elements, or patterns, making it possible to create a limitless range of designs. Therefore, there are no design boundaries.
3D stone panels offer the possibility to decorate an entire wall or create an accent on a small surface, such as a kitchen backsplash, a bar counter, highlight a reception area, or entrance group. In addition, thanks to the graphic pattern, the panels allow for volume adjustments: vertical stripes can help raise the ceiling, while horizontal ones visually expand the space.

All presented stones are available in the following options:

You can order any 3D surface according to your preference!
Here are some examples of 3d surfaces:

Intricate craftsmanship meets robust resilience

Each piece in our collection is more than a 3D stone wall panel; it is a masterpiece, a harmonious blend of nature’s unrivaled beauty and human innovation. We've refined the natural magnificence of stone into relief surfaces that breathe life and luxury into every environment. Every texture, every detail, echoes the silent symphony of design ingenuity.


Unleash the 3D Revolution

“3D stone panels for sale”, “buy 3D stone effect wall panels”, “3D slate wall panels in Switzerland” - no matter the specifics of your quest, the destination is here. Every search for unmatched quality and unparalleled design diversity in the world of stone cladding leads to our doors.

Begin the Transformation

Your journey into the enchanting world of 3D aesthetics begins with a step, a decision to transcend the conventional and embrace the extraordinary. Each 3D stone effect wall panel is a passport into a world where walls are canvases of artistic expression, and every room is a gallery of aesthetic elegance.

Your Space Awaits its 3D Crown

Every inch of your space is a silent plea for transformation, and our 3D Stone Collection is the answer. Place your order today and step into a world where your walls are not just barriers but bridges into a universe of aesthetic elegance, where every panel is a story, and every texture, a testimony of luxury.

Embrace the future of interior and exterior design; let the 3D Stone Collection be the silent narrator of your space’s untold story.

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