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Explore a variety of surface finishes tailored to accentuate the natural beauty and elegance of our stone panels. At Duramica, we offer a bespoke service, crafting every type of surface finish from flamed granite to polished marble, ensuring each piece perfectly suits your aesthetic and functional needs. Whether it's the rustic charm of stone wall cladding or the refined elegance of marble effect wall panels, our expert craftsmanship ensures the highest quality and detail. Discover the endless possibilities of textures, colors, and patterns, making each project a unique masterpiece of natural stone artistry.

Each of these surface finishes has its unique characteristics, making them suitable for various applications and design preferences. Duramica offers the flexibility to choose the finish that best complements your project's aesthetic and functional requirements.


Surface polished limestone duramica

The polished finish involves grinding the stone to a glossy, mirror-like surface. This finish enhances the natural color and patterns of the stone, giving it a luxurious appearance. Polished surfaces are often used to create a sense of opulence and elegance in both interior and exterior designs.

Surface honed limestone duramica

Surface Honed 

Honed surfaces are smooth, matte, and soft to the touch. This finish is achieved by grinding and sanding the stone to a consistent, fine-grained texture. It offers a refined and elegant appearance, perfect for creating a sophisticated and timeless ambiance in interior spaces.

Surface acid wash duramica

Surface Acid Wash

This finish involves treating the stone surface with acid to create a textured, weathered appearance. It's ideal for achieving a rustic and aged look. Acid-washed surfaces often have a mottled or variegated texture that adds character to the stone panels.

Surface flamed granite duramica

Surface Flamed

The flamed finish is achieved by subjecting the stone to high temperatures, causing the surface to spall and become rough. This finish offers excellent slip resistance, making it suitable for outdoor applications like patios and pool areas. It adds a natural, textured look to the stone.

Surface grooved limestone duramica

Surface Grooved 

Grooved surfaces feature intentional lines or grooves carved into the stone, creating a pattern or texture. This finish adds visual interest and can be customized to create various designs, offering both aesthetics and functionality.

duramica Surface Antique stone

Surface Antique 

This technique creates charm with textured surfaces, emphasizing natural imperfections to produce a unique and character-rich surface. Ideal for those seeking a vintage style.


Surface Leathered 

The surface is treated to simulate the texture of leather, creating a warm and muted effect.

Surface sandblasted granite duramica

Surface Sandblasted

Sandblasted surfaces are created by using pressurized sand to abrade the stone surface. This results in a textured, matte finish that can vary in coarseness. Sandblasted finishes provide slip resistance and a unique tactile quality, making them suitable for outdoor applications while retaining an elegant appearance.


Surface Rough

A rough surface is characterized by intentionally textured and rough appearances. This enhances natural charm, providing a tactile and visually interesting finish.


Surface Bush Hammered

The surface is treated with a bush hammer, creating a texture with small craters. Provides a natural and rough appearance.

Surface Split Face

Surface Split Face

The stone is split to create a rough texture. Often used for walls and facades.

duramica Cross Cut (Transverse Cut)

Cross Cut (Transverse Cut)

The stone is cut perpendicular to its natural veins, creating a more uniform pattern and emphasizing internal characteristics such as textures and different shades, without highlighting distinct veins.

Vein Cut (Parallel Vein Cut).jpg

Vein Cut (Parallel Vein Cut)

The stone is cut parallel to its natural veins, highlighting the vein structure and creating a more linear and elongated visual effect.

Duramica Decor (Paint Treatment Surface)

Surface Treatment for Painting is a specialized surface treatment designed to impart a modern and distinctive appearance to your project through the application of paint.

3D Surface stone

Duramica 3D Stone panels are natural stone panels with a textured surface. These panels are highly popular for natural stone cladding, as they immediately attract attention and set the mood in any interior. The surfaces of 3D panels can be given any texture: soft waves, stripes, graphic elements, or patterns, making it possible to create a limitless range of designs. Therefore, there are no design boundaries.

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