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TRAVERTINE COLLECTION - Immerse yourself in a unique assortment of standard and rare travertines. Our Travertine panels represent exquisite variations of this natural stone, crafted by nature and transformed through modern technology. Whether you are creating a sophisticated interior or an exterior facade, our collection offers distinct shades and textures of travertine to impart unmatched style to your project. Draw inspiration from nature and add elegance to your design with this collection, showcasing both standard and extraordinary rare variations of travertine.

Travertin (read about the comparison between regular travertine and travertine in the Duramica variant)

It is important to understand that natural stone is a material of nature, and the pattern of the stone may vary even from the same quarry as it is extracted. Some types of stone may deplete in quarries. Therefore, before selecting any stone from those presented on our website, we recommend requesting confirmation of its availability from us.

Our Duramica panels are crafted from any types of stone available in the world. If you haven't found a suitable stone among those presented on the website, just let us know, and we will definitely find the stone you need for you.

duramica travertine

Some of the popular brown travertines include:

  • Noce Travertine: Known for its rich brown tones and distinctive patterns, Noce travertine adds warmth and character to spaces.

  • Mocha Travertine: Exhibiting a range of brown hues from light to dark, Mocha travertine creates a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.

  • Walnut Travertine: With deep brown shades and unique veining, Walnut travertine brings a sense of elegance to interiors.

  • Coffee Brown Travertine: Characterized by deep coffee-colored tones, this travertine adds a touch of luxury and depth to design projects.

  • Chocolate Travertine: Featuring dark brown hues and occasional light veining, Chocolate travertine offers a bold and stylish option.

  • Travertin Classico: This travertine variety is known for its classic and timeless appearance. With a neutral color palette, it complements a range of design styles, adding a touch of sophistication to interiors.

  • Travertin Vallanca: With unique veining patterns and warm brown tones, Travertin Vallanca brings a distinctive character to spaces. Its versatility makes it suitable for various design applications, providing an elegant and natural aesthetic.

These brown travertines are sought after for their earthy tones and can be used to create a warm and welcoming ambiance in various architectural and design applications.

duramica travertine
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