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Discover the Diversity of Our Marble Collection, Including Limestone Travertine, and Sandstone

Unveiling the Diversity


Timeless Classics

Explore classic marble options like Carrara and Calacatta, renowned for their timeless beauty and pristine white hues. These classics set the foundation for an elegant and enduring aesthetic.

Rare and Exotic Finds

Delve into the extraordinary with our selection of rare and exotic marble varieties. Each slab tells a unique geological story, with mesmerizing patterns and colors that make a bold statement in any space.

All presented stones are available in the following options:

duramica Blue Marbles
duramica Gray Marbles
duramica Brown Marbles
duramica Green Marbles
duramica Black Marbles
duramica Creame/Beige Marbles
duramica White Marbles
duramica Red/Rose Marbles
duramica Travertine
duramica Sandstone/Limestone
duramica Fantasy Marbles

Marble Collection Include:

  • Marble (read about the comparison between regular marble and marble in the Duramica variant)

  • Limestone (read about the comparison between regular limestone and limestone in the Duramica variant)

  • Sandstone (read about the comparison between regular sandstone and sandstone in the Duramica variant)

  • Travertin (read about the comparison between regular travertine and travertine in the Duramica variant)

  • Slate (read about the comparison between regular slate and Duramica slate)

  • Jura stone (read about Duramica's comparison of regular Jura Stone and Jura Stone)

Welcome to Duramica, where beauty meets diversity in our exquisite Marble Collection. Immerse yourself in a world of luxurious possibilities as we present a diverse range of marble varieties that redefine elegance and sophistication.


Discover the elegance of our diverse collections of marble panels, each meticulously crafted to grace your spaces with a touch of sophistication. From the timeless allure of exterior architecture to the refined grace of interior designs, Duramica offers an array of solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Interior Marble Wall Cladding

Step into a world where every detail of your interior speaks volumes of elegance. Our interior marble wall cladding collection is designed to transform your spaces, imbuing them with a unique blend of strength, beauty, and sophistication.


Thin Marble Panels

Explore our thin marble panels, an epitome of technological and artistic synergy. These panels are not just slim and lightweight but boast robust strength, offering an aesthetically pleasing yet practical solution.


Wall Cladding Marble

With our wall cladding marble collection, every piece is a masterpiece, carved to perfection, ensuring that your walls become a canvas displaying artistry and elegance.

Marble Panel for Exterior and Facades

Venture outdoors with our marble panel and exterior marble stone wall cladding collections. Engineered for resilience and aesthetic elegance, these panels transform every exterior into a visual symphony of grace and architectural brilliance.


Marble Stone Cladding Panels

Witness a convergence of tradition and innovation with our marble stone cladding panels. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality, offering durability matched with aesthetic splendor.


Now Each piece in our marble exterior wall panels and shower walls  is a masterpiece, awaiting to adorn your spaces with elegance. Every stroke, every detail, epitomizes artistic and architectural brilliance.

Seize the opportunity to transform your spaces into realms of aesthetic splendor and functional excellence. Any of these exquisite marble panels can be yours to order right now. Step into a world where every piece is a confluence of artistry, quality, and technological innovation.

Your journey to architectural elegance begins with Duramica. Transforming spaces, one panel at a time.

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