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Duramica lightweight stone panels offer premium stone facing for facades and interiors

Type of Surfaces

Explore a variety of surface finishes tailored to accentuate the natural beauty and elegance of our stone panels.

duramica marble collection

The collection includes travertine, limestone and sandstone. Explore our exquisite Marble Panels Collection, where elegance and sophistication converge. Each piece, from white marble effect cladding to uniquely textured marble fluted panels, epitomizes luxury and style. Immerse yourself in the visual allure of each marble cladding, meticulously crafted to transform spaces with an artistic touch. Every marble wall panel is not just a piece but a masterpiece, promising quality, durability, and aesthetic opulence. Dive into a world where art and architecture merge, creating timeless designs that speak the language of luxury.

duramica granite сollection

Dive into our Granite Stone Panels Collection, where each piece embodies the fusion of durability and aesthetic allure. Explore a range of granite panels designed for both exterior and interior wall cladding applications. Every piece is meticulously crafted to offer a sophisticated appearance while ensuring functional efficiency. Our thin granite panels not only exude elegance but also stand as a testament to unmatched strength and durability. Explore a collection where quality, aesthetics, and durability coexist, elevating spaces to the pinnacle of style and functionality.

duramica gems collection

A gemstone is a semi-precious stone that, thanks to Duramica technology, has become applicable in interior cladding. In the Duramica version, a mosaic of small gemstones is assembled onto a ceramic surface, allowing for the use of these gemstones, which naturally occur in small sizes. Explore our Gemstone Panels Collection, showcasing elegant and durable masterpieces. Each piece, harmoniously blending natural grandeur and craftsmanship, transforms spaces into luxury narratives. Browse our array of meticulously crafted stone panels, bringing natural stone facing to life. These panels embody a blend of aesthetic and durability, offering enduring beauty. Begin your journey to redefine spaces with timeless elegance here.


The collection includes onyx, agate, carnelian, apatite, labradorite, emerald, amethyst, calcite, and quartz. Explore our Glassonyx Panels Collection, a blend of elegance and contemporary design. Each piece captivates with its stunning stone face walls, unveiling the intrinsic beauty of natural stone face. Immerse yourself in a world where stone internal cladding becomes a work of art, infusing every space with a touch of sophistication and modern charm. Uncover a collection where aesthetic allure and architectural innovation merge seamlessly.

duramica mother of pearl

Panels made from natural mother-of-pearl. This technological innovation became possible thanks to Duramica technology. Mother-of-pearl is a precious natural material obtained from the ocean, and it has small dimensions. A mosaic is created from it on a ceramic base. As a result, we obtain a large-format panel ready for interior cladding.

3d stone wall panels

Discover our 3D Stone Panels, a blend of art and elegance. Our collection features intricately designed 3D slate and marble wall panels, offering a visually and tactilely dynamic appeal. 3D natural stone panels and textured stone pieces infuse spaces with a contemporary yet timeless charm. Dive into a world where aesthetics and quality converge, embodying modern design intricacies and the natural allure of stone. Each panel is a story of elegance and sophistication, transforming interiors with style and depth.

stone wall cladding

Dive into our Parquet & Mosaic Panels Collection, where intricate designs meet enduring quality. Every piece is a blend of meticulous craftsmanship and artistic elegance, offering a stunning array of patterns and textures to enrich any space. Discover a world where the timeless allure of mosaic unites with the enduring strength of parquet, creating a unique combination that is as durable as it is beautiful. Explore a collection designed to transform interiors with a touch of luxury and artistic flair, each piece showcasing the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

stone wall cladding

Step into the realm of our Metal Stone Panels Collection, where the robust elegance of stone merges with the sleek allure of metal. Every panel is a testament to refined aesthetics and industrial resilience, offering a range of design solutions that bring together durability and elegance. In this collection, the organic texture of stone beautifully juxtaposes with the sleek, modern appeal of metal, creating an ensemble of materials that is as contemporary as it is timeless. Each piece promises not just visual appeal, but a durability that stands the test of time, embodying a fusion where art meets engineering in a dance of aesthetic and function.


Duramica Terrazzo is a thin layer of traditional Terrazzo on a ceramic or aluminium honeycomb base, representing an innovative solution for creating unique and stylish surfaces in your interior. Terrazzo is a traditional material symbolizing luxury and elegance, and Duramica gives it a modern incarnation using advanced technologies. Duramica Terrazzo provides a unique opportunity to add elements of style and individuality to your interior. This material not only introduces modern technologies into traditional Terrazzo but also opens new horizons for creativity and design experiments.

Duramica Riverstone

Riverstone is a unique glass-based technology with integrated lighting and an upper layer consisting of natural marine and ocean pebbles. This innovative technology involves a process where natural pebbles are encapsulated with a special transparent composition, creating a durable and resistant material. This technology harmonizes the beauty of nature with modern engineering solutions, opening up new horizons for creativity in interior design and architecture.

We offer the possibility to create unique and one-of-a-kind tables with surfaces made of natural stone. Natural stone allows the realization of individual design concepts, giving your interior a refined and elegant appearance. Each stone pattern becomes an unreproducible natural landscape, adding uniqueness to each table. Natural stone imparts strength, resilience, and a distinctive character to the tables, making them not only functional but also visually appealing elements in your space.

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