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Exploring the Advantages


Composite Panels And Products Made Of Natural Stone


Duramica is an innovative composite product based on a base layer and a thin layer of natural stone. The base layer can be made from: ceramic granite, glass concrete - DuraFoam, natural granite - DuraStone, glass - DuraGlass, cellular aluminum - DuraMet or fiberglass - Duramica Fiberglass, acrylic glass, drywall, among other materials.


There are no equivalent materials on the market. The material is distinguished by impeccable quality.


The most recommended type of material for use on facades and interiors is DuraSkin with a panel format of up to 2400x1200 mm.


General Advantages Of DuraSkin  For Facades And Interiors In Comparison To Traditional Natural Stone:

  • Lightweight;

  • Strength;

  • Water resistance;

  • Non-flammability;

  • Integrated invisible fastening system (as per customer's request);

  • Preservation of stone without changing its decorative properties;

  • Longevity.



Physical and Technical Advantages:

  • Increased strength;

  • Increased frost resistance;

  • Increased fire resistance;

  • Increased selection of the finished product;

  • Increased seismic resistance;

  • Increased strength of the integrated invisible fastening;

  • Increased wind resistance;

  • Reduced weight - up to 300% per 1m2;

  • Significantly reduced water absorption approaching zero;

  • No restrictions on use for high-rise facades;

  • Absence of hidden defects (cracks, caverns, voids).



Economic Advantages:

(Total savings up to 150% on a finished/completed section of a solid wall)

  • Lower cost of finished panels by 15-33%;

  • Savings on technological material stock up to 20%;

  • Increased speed of completing the finished facade due to accelerated installation - up to 60%;

  • Savings on the cost of the facade mounting system;

  • Savings on installation due to the unnecessary equipment for moving panels;

  • Savings on labor costs due to the need for less workforce;

  • Savings on hydrophobization;

  • Savings on periodic facade cleaning;

  • Savings on elements and forms made of natural stone.

Decorative-Technical Advantages:

  • Possibility of installing sharp angles made of natural stone;

  • Possibility of using lightweight finished mosaics and small arches;

  • Possibility of seam-to-seam attachment of panels to the facade;

  • Possibility of perforating the stone facade;

  • Possibility of embedded lighting for the stone facade;

  • Possibility of making blinds from natural stone;

  • Possibility of making siding from natural stone;

  • Possibility of blocking electromagnetic radiation;

  • Possibility of easy replacement of facade elements during building operation;

  • Possibility of easy access to infrastructure behind the facade.


In summarising

In the realm of material selection for your upcoming project, you might be pondering whether the lightweight stone veneer Duramica surpasses traditional natural stone. Over recent years, Duramica, a composite material recognized for its resilience and adaptability, has gained significant popularity. In this article, we will explore the key advantages of Duramica over natural stone, aiding you in making an informed decision for your next endeavor.


Duramica introduces state-of-the-art solutions for stone wall cladding and marble panels, enabling intricate architectural and designer concepts. Innovations such as stone parquet, seamless stone finish tiles, and unique patterns, once considered technically challenging or overly expensive, have now become more accessible. Our technology crafts inlaid collections from natural stone wall cladding and introduces the pioneering technique of metal inlay into natural stone. Unlike traditional honed marble, Duramica excels in exterior stone wall cladding, withstanding moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations with ease.


A primary advantage of stone veneer Duramica over natural stone lies in its exceptional durability. Engineered to withstand harsh conditions, Duramica outshines natural stone, which can be susceptible to cracking, chipping, and weather-related damage, ensuring that your investment lasts for years.

Versatility in Design

While the surface of Duramica is natural stone, it offers a wider range of design possibilities that natural stone simply cannot match.

Weight and Installation

Duramica is significantly lighter than natural stone, making a substantial difference in installation costs and logistics. The reduced weight simplifies transportation, handling, and installation, ultimately saving time and resources.


Stain Resistance

Duramica is non-porous, highly resistant to stains, unlike porous natural stone that can be susceptible to spills and environmental factors.


Duramica requires minimal maintenance compared to natural stone. The need for regular sealing or resealing, often necessary with natural stone, is eliminated, saving both time and money over the long term.



The initial cost of Duramica is lower than that of natural stone, and its long-term cost-effectiveness becomes evident considering lower maintenance and installation expenses. Cheaper attachment systems and faster installation due to its ease of use and common tools contribute to significant savings, eliminating waste common with regular natural stone.


Duramica emerges as a versatile and durable alternative to traditional natural stone. Its advantages, including increased durability, design flexibility, reduced weight, stain resistance, low maintenance, and long-term cost savings, position it as a compelling choice for various applications. Consider Duramica for your next project to enjoy the benefits of modern technology and design without compromising on quality.

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