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natural stone on granite base

Natural Stone On Granite Base

DuraStone Panel: Unyielding Durability and Timeless Strength

DuraStone panel is a non-combustible composite adorned with natural stone of any type, grounded on a base of hard rock (granite) and available in large sizes, complete with an integrated attachment system for stone facade cladding.

This material stands against aging and deformation, marking its distinction as an eco-friendly option that imposes no adverse effects on the environment.

Standard Format:

  • Size: 2400 x 1200 mm ≤

  • Stone Thickness: ≥ 5 mm

  • Base Thickness: 20 mm

  • Weight: ± 67.5 kg/m²

  • Applications: Facades, Floors with High Loads


DuraStone panels bring together the robustness of granite and the aesthetic allure of natural stone, promising a combination of strength, beauty, and environmental friendliness. Each panel is a testament to durability, offering an elite choice for both aesthetic and structural needs.

View the collection to explore our diverse range of stone panels, each piece meticulously crafted to offer unique designs and supreme quality

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