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natural stone on backlit cellular fibreglass base

Natural Stone on backlit cellular fibreglass base

Glassonyx Fibreglass - Illuminating Natural Elegance

Step into a world where natural elegance meets advanced technology with Glassonyx Fibreglass. Crafted meticulously, these panels blend the pristine beauty of natural stone and the luminescence of backlit cellular fibreglass, manifesting an enchanting dance of light and elegance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Generously scaled 2400 x 1200 mm panels

  • Stone Thickness: Precise and gracefully cut to a ≥ 5 mm 

  • Base Thickness: Expertly designed in 15 and 20 mm  

  • Weight: Boasting an ultra-lightweight stature at ± 11, 16 kg/m²

  • Application: Specially crafted for lightly illuminated interiors, where each panel’s glow stands out with mesmerizing effect.


In the Realm of Glassonyx Fibreglass

Every panel is a tale of nature’s opulence and human ingenuity. The captivating allure of onyx, agate, amethyst, jade, and translucent marbles is heightened by the backlit cellular fibreglass, presenting the stone in its most radiant form. Each pattern, each stroke of nature’s brush is magnified, breathing light and life into spaces.

Incorporating Elegant Stone Panels

Glassonyx Fibreglass isn’t just a blend of materials; it’s where artistry and technology converge. Stone wall panels are reimagined, each piece becoming a canvas where the radiant glow accentuates the natural grace of stone panels exterior, unveiling a visual symphony of textures and hues.

A Harmony of Stone Face Cladding and Illumination

In the world of Glassonyx Fibreglass, stone face cladding transcends its material form, becoming a sensory experience. The robust character of natural facing stone is softly illuminated, each detail, each texture, celebrated and brought to life with sublime elegance.

Celebrating the Dance of Light and Stone

In every space it graces, Glassonyx Fibreglass introduces a narrative of contrasts and harmony. The tactile richness of natural stone meets the ethereal glow of backlit fibreglass, each detail accentuated, each hue magnified. It’s a space where art and engineering unite, and the robust, timeless elegance of stone panels become living artworks, narrating tales of natural splendor and human ingenuity.

Explore the refined elegance and structural integrity of Glassonyx Fibreglass, where every panel is a harmonious blend of stone and light, crafting spaces of enduring beauty and innovative illumination. Here, the visual and tactile senses unite, offering a design solution that transcends traditional aesthetics, illuminating spaces with the dance between light and stone.

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