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The Swiss Company G.P.Grant Group began its history with the making of exclusive artworks for the interior from very rare and elite gemstone, precious stone, minerals and noble metals. The company performed very difficult and exclusive orders of hewing elite stone types, giving unique beauty to each product. 


In the process of working with natural stone, new stone products have been developed that allow to expand the possibilities of using stone. A line of Duramica composite stones was created – a thin layer of natural stone on a ceramic, metal or glass surface. Duramica products make it possible to embody the most complex designs and products for facades and interiors from stone.


Modern production line Duramica stone veneer, located in Xiamen and is fully controlled by the Swiss specialists of the company. The decision to open production in Xiamen was made due to the presence of a huge amount of natural stone from around the world. All the stones presented in the Collections are available, close to the production. Lightweight stone veneer are fully manufactured in accordance with Swiss know-how. The final products fully comply with Swiss quality standards.


  • Natural stone panel: All types of products from a natural stone for facades, ventilated curtain walls and interiors

  • DuraSkin: Natural stone veneer on ceramic base

  • DuraMet: Natural stone on aluminium honeycomb base

  • Duramica FoamGlass: Natural stone veneer on foam glass base

  • DuraStone: Natural stone veneer on granite base

  • Glassonyx: Natural stone on backlit glass base​

  • Glassonyx Fiberglass: Natural stone on cellular fibreglass base

  • Duramica Factory
    Duramica Factory
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