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Innovative Technology with Natural Aesthetics 

Riverstone is a unique glass-based technology with integrated lighting and an upper layer consisting of natural marine and ocean pebbles. This innovative technology involves a process where natural pebbles are encapsulated with a special transparent composition, creating a durable and resistant material.

Natural Aesthetics

The upper layer, made from natural marine and ocean pebbles, imparts a distinctive natural appearance to the panels.


Transparent Base

The glass base with integrated lighting accentuates the beauty of the pebbles, producing magnificent lighting effects.


Hardness and Resilience

A highly durable and resistant material that is scratch-resistant, ensuring longevity and sustained aesthetic appeal.


Incredible Compositions

Riverstone offers a wide array of natural compositions and panel options, enabling the creation of unique and inspiring designs.

This technology harmonizes the beauty of nature with modern engineering solutions, opening up new horizons for creativity in interior design and architecture.

All presented stones are available in the following options:​​

  • DuraSkin - Natural stone veneer on a ceramic base

  • Glassonyx - Natural Stone on backlit glass base​

Samples Gallery

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