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Duramica Natural Stone

Standard Fullbody Natural Stone:

  • Thickness: 10 -50 mm

Stones are works of nature, crafted over many millions of years.

Natural stone always possesses its unique individuality; its patterns and designs are unparalleled.

Stone facade cladding - natural stone can be cut into square, rectangular, and irregular shapes; stone facade finishing often combines elements of various shapes and sizes.

Numerous processing types accentuate the virtues of different breeds, ideally suited for curtain ventilated facades.


Types of natural stone used in decoration:

Marble Collection Include:

Marble possesses special allure and strength while being easily processable. It's a wear-resistant and versatile material for both facade cladding and interior finishing.


Limestone consists of calcite, clay admixtures, quartz, and other components. It retains heat well and supports adequate air exchange.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized mineral, rock, or organic particles. It is characterized by its granular texture, which is often formed by the accumulation and cementation of sand grains over time. Sandstone comes in various colors, including tan, brown, yellow, red, and white, depending on the mineral composition.

Travertin can have various shades, such as beige, brown, gray, or reddish, depending on impurities and environmental conditions during its formation. Travertine is widely used in construction and decorative works.

Slate is a stone formed from original clay deposits that undergo high pressure and temperature over an extended period. It often exhibits a layered structure, making it suitable for splitting into thin sheets.

Granite Collection Include:

Granite can withstand severe frosts and resist any mechanical damages. These qualities make it a highly durable and sought-after material for building cladding.

Quartzite possesses strength, hardness, and resistance to chemical impacts, making it popular for use in construction and decoration. Quartzite often exhibits a characteristic sheen and various colors, making it attractive for decorative applications.

Basalt is characterized by a fine-grained texture and often has a dark color, usually black or gray. It is commonly used in construction, especially for road materials.

View the collection to explore our diverse range of stone panels, each piece meticulously crafted to offer unique designs and supreme quality

Stone in the Interior - natural stone is used in interior decoration for walls, floors, fireplaces, or creating a unique accent in a room.

Advantages of Natural Stone Over Artificial Alternatives:

  • Aesthetic Elegance: Natural stone finishing for facades or interiors exudes a luxurious and refined look, complementing various styles.

  • Durability: Known for its longevity, natural stone doesn’t fade, is resistant to moisture, and withstands temperature fluctuations.

  • Low Maintenance: It doesn’t require special care and is immune to corrosion or fungal growth, making it a hassle-free option.

  • Fire Safety: Natural stone is a fire-resistant material, contributing to the overall safety of the structure.

  • Diversity: Offers a wide selection of unique natural patterns, designs, and shades, allowing for customized aesthetic applications.

In contrast, artificial stones may lack the natural elegance, durability, and unique patterns offered by natural stones. Each piece of natural stone is distinct, ensuring that every application is truly one of a kind.

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