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Unveil Artistry and Precision

Embark on a journey where natural beauty and architectural precision converge, unveiling a gallery where each piece is a testament to artistic and structural mastery. Welcome to our Parquet & Mosaic Examples Gallery, a world where natural stone meets innovative technology, creating art pieces that transcend the ordinary.

Duramica Mosaic is a large-format porcelain panel with inlays of natural stone and metal. The natural pattern of the stone is exceptionally beautiful, but it can be further emphasized by using mosaic or inlay technology.

The manufacturing process involves assembling the parquet on porcelain panel in factory conditions, perfectly flat and securely due to the base. The pattern always turns out clear, unique, and perfectly even.

Panels with natural stone are durable and resistant to mechanical stress, easy to install, easy to care for, and maintain their appearance.

The panel, already assembled with any pattern, is supplied ready for installation.

The technology allows for panels with inlays of both stones and metals, such as brass and steel.

All that remains is to securely adhere this panel to the prepared floor or wall.

For a unique and customizable design, our Duramica platform is ready. Each mosaic can be tailored to your preferences and design choices. Whether you're looking for a stunning statement for an entrance area, an elegant enhancement for a living room, or a creative wall design, our Duramica mosaic options provide the flexibility to bring your vision to life.


A Tapestry of Natural Stones

Every piece within the gallery is a harmonious blend of diverse types of natural stone. Duramica, a composite of natural stone with ceramic, breathes life into spaces, ensuring every corner echoes the silent melody of natural elegance and refined strength.


Tailored to Perfection

With stone veneer thickness ranging from 3-5 mm, each piece is a delicate balance of robustness and aesthetic allure. Explore our collections, where the versatility of Duramica promises a fit for every space, every vision.


The Art of Stone Parquet

Indulge in the intricate designs of our stone parquet collections DD, DSR, DS3, and DS5, DSR. Each, a narrative of precision, where natural stone veneer is crafted into patterns echoing both contemporary and classic artistry.

  • DS3 – A dance of 3x3 cubes, where each piece is a testament to precision.

  • DS5 – A narrative of 5x5 cubes, echoing the silent melody of architectural elegance.

  • DD – Applications from right-angles of mixed sizes, a dance of diversity and harmony.

  • DSR – Applications from squares and right-angles, where classic meets contemporary.


Infinite Possibilities

The technology at the heart of our collections allows the creation of any patterns from stone on any composite base. Every piece within the Parquet & Mosaic Examples Gallery is not just a product but an artistic narrative, a journey where natural elegance meets architectural precision.


Unveil Your Space’s Potential

Whether you’re seeking the classic allure of marble or the contemporary charm of granite, every piece within our gallery is tailored to transform spaces, ensuring every corner is a canvas of natural elegance and structural integrity.


Order Your Masterpiece

Navigate through a world where every piece is crafted to echo the unique narrative of your space. Each combination, each mosaic, is a silent sonnet of natural allure and refined strength. Order now and step into a world where every floor, every wall, is a narrative of architectural and aesthetic excellence.

Advantages of Duramica Stone Parquets and Mosaics:

  • The speed of laying Duramica panels is several times faster than laying traditional natural stone mosaics.

  • In factory conditions, it is possible to avoid any gaps, rough joints, and stone damage.

  • Any mosaic tends to separate over time, forming gaps. In the case of Duramica, this is eliminated because the mosaic is assembled and glued to the base.

  • Only Duramica allows the creation of mosaics with perfect precision from complex and small elements.

  • Only Duramica allows the creation of mosaics with inlays of stone and metal in factory conditions.

All presented mosaics are available in the following options:

  • DuraSkin - Natural stone veneer on a ceramic base

Samples Gallery

On our Duramica base, you have the flexibility to order a mosaic tailored to your desires and design preferences.

Below are showcased examples of completed projects and standard options.

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