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Your Trusted Partner in Stone Wall Cladding:

From Honed Marble to Ledger Stone


Duramica Lightweight Stone Panels: Premier in Natural Stone Wall Cladding & Interior Marble Finishes

Duramica offers cutting-edge stone wall cladding and marble panel solutions, enabling intricate architectural and designer concepts. Once deemed technically challenging or overly expensive, we've made innovations like stone parquet, stone finish seamless tiles, and unique patterns more accessible. Our technology crafts inlaid collections from natural stone wall cladding and introduces the pioneering technique of metal inlay into natural stone. Unlike traditional honed marble, Duramica excels in exterior stone wall cladding, withstanding moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations with ease.

petrostone fasade

Natural stones used for Duramica production

marble / travertine / shale / limestone onyx / nacre / precious stones gemstones / other valuable solids of natural stone. 
Duramica is a perfect choice for decoration of exteriors and interiors.

Comparison of Duramica with ordinary natural stone 


  • Decorative properties (appearance): identical; 

  • Cost of rigging up: much lower; 

  • Weight: much lighter; 

  • Cost of transportation: much lower; 

  • Rigging up tempo: much faster; 

  • Laying quality: perfect geometry; 

  • Stability: much higher; 

  • Stability of temperature absorption: much higher; 

  • Absorption of water: much lower; 

  • Wearing: much lower.



Simple laying. Ordinary tool. Ordinary solutions. Minimum of waste product.

Duramica distinguishes itself from natural stone in its ease of installation. While natural stone requires specialized skills, Duramica can be installed by a standard tile layer.

Unlike natural stone, which necessitates precision equipment, Duramica can be effortlessly cut using conventional tile cutters, whether based on ceramic granite or glass.

Natural stone demands specific adhesives to prevent permanent stains like salt efflorescence and absorbed coloring agents. In contrast, Duramica doesn't require any special adhesive, eliminating the risk of unsightly marks.

Whereas natural stone installations often result in significant debris, Duramica ensures a cleaner process with minimal waste. This simplicity, combined with the use of standard tools and adhesives, not only reduces costs but also speeds up the installation process.


Weight and flexibility

With stone finish quality, one sq. m of Duramica weighs approximately 27 kg, making it a lightweight alternative to monolithic honed marble or flamed granite, which can weigh between 40-90 kg depending on slab thickness. Its unique stone facing properties, coupled with its weight and flexibility, make Duramica perfect for stone wall cladding, especially in places where traditional marble would be too heavy. Unlike the frail honed black granite or monolithic marble that needs a thickness of 2 cm or more for floor installations, Duramica can be effortlessly used for both marble wall panels and flooring. This natural stone wall cladding material stands as a revolutionary option for interior stone wall cladding, stone wall panels interior, and even exterior feature wall cladding. Considering stone cladding price factors, Duramica presents an efficient choice for those looking for a durable yet stylish finish."



Instead of use of the natural stone of 2 cm (20 cm) Duramica with the stone of 0,3 cm (3 mm) is used, which makes the price of one sq. m lower!


Water-proof features

Duramica is water-resistant, making it ideal for high-humidity areas like bathrooms, pools, and saunas. It's a top choice for bath stone cladding panels and slate bathroom panels. For a luxurious touch, consider marble cladding bathroom designs or granite bathroom wall panels with Duramica.

Stability to temperature differences. Fronts

Duramica has passed tests in practice and in a laboratory environment, which proved stability of its structure at any application conditions and temperature what allows to apply it for facing not only fireplaces and heat-insulated floors, but also fronts of buildings.



The thickness of Duramica is not more than 1 cm, whereas the thickness of marble panel can be 3 cm. So, living space is saved, which is an important issue for our days. If Duramica is used for small areas like bathrooms, it allows expanding the space visually.

Duramica lines:

Natural stone – All types of products from a natural stone for facades and interiors

DuraSkin – Natural stone on ceramic base

DuraSkin XL – Natural Stone on large size ceramic base

DuraStone – Natural Stone on granite base

DuraMet – Natural stone on aluminium honeycomb base

Glassonyx – Natural Stone on backlit glass base​

Glassonyx Fiberglass – Natural Stone on cellular fibreglass base


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