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The Glassonyx Collection combines the transparency of semi-precious stone, offering the possibility of panel illumination (Backlit). Glassonyx is an interior panel collection made from semi-precious stone such as onyx, agate, amethyst, jade, and others. A unique feature of the collection is the option for backlighting, providing an additional effect and highlighting the natural shades and patterns of the stone.

Glassonyx allows the true beauty of the stone to unfold when illuminated from within. This makes the collection an ideal choice for creating unique projects where you can appreciate not only the texture but also the color range of semi-precious stones.

Glassonyx panels can be produced without a base or on a special glass base, opening up a wide range of applications: from wall cladding to use in floors and ceilings. Create distinctive interior projects where light and stone merge into refined design.

Explore the Glassonyx project gallery and be inspired by the combination of transparency, semi-precious stones, and innovative design. Each project in this gallery is an expression of sophistication and elegance, where light and stone harmoniously merge. Discover the versatility of Glassonyx panel applications and marvel at the creative use of these unique materials.

We do not develop our own designs, but rather create works based on client requests. The samples shown here do not reflect our taste or design but are meant to showcase our capabilities and completed projects.

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