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Eternal Radiance

Elevate your interior or exterior with the timeless beauty of our White & Light Gray Granite Collection. The refined tones and durability of this material will craft an elegant and enduring design for your space. Immerse yourself in the world of white granite with us.

  • Granite (read about the comparison between regular granite and granite in the Duramica variant)

  • Quartzite

  • Basalt 

It is important to understand that natural stone is a material of nature, and the pattern of the stone may vary even from the same quarry as it is extracted. Some types of stone may deplete in quarries. Therefore, before selecting any stone from those presented on our website, we recommend requesting confirmation of its availability from us.

Our Duramica panels are crafted from any types of stone available in the world. If you haven't found a suitable stone among those presented on the website, just let us know, and we will definitely find the stone you need for you.

Some of the most popular white and light gray granites include:

  • Bianco Romano: This granite features a light beige or light gray color with dark crystalline inclusions, creating a refined exterior.

  • Arctic White: A light gray or white granite with dark veins, exuding an elegant and modern appearance.

  • Colonial White: Typically exhibiting a white color with gray and black veins, giving it a sophisticated and modern look.

  • White Dalmatian: With a white background and black speckles, this granite brings energy and style to any interior.

  • White Carnac: Often characterized by a white background with dark veins and spots, creating an interesting and unique look.

  • White Kashmir: This granite usually has a milky-white color with gray and brown inclusions.

  • White Spring: Characterized by a light gray or white background with occasional reddish tones and dark veins.

  • White Ice: This granite has a pure white color with gray and black veins, creating a bright and modern appearance.

  • White Mist: This variety typically has a white color with gray and dark inclusions, giving it a misty and mysterious appearance.

  • White Princess: This granite boasts a light gray background with dark veins and pink hues, creating a luxurious look.

  • White Taurus: A light granite with dark veins, adding elegance to any space.

These white granites are selected for their timeless and luxurious appeal, introducing an element of sophistication to diverse architectural and design endeavors.

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