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GlassOnyx Backlit Onyx Panels: Illuminating Elegance and Practicality in Contemporary Design (Reinforced Onyx)

Updated: Feb 20

In this article, we are examining the advantages of GlassOnyx panels - composite panels consisting of onyx reinforced on glass or cellular fiberglass. Any stone with the possibility of backlighting, such as onyx, agate, and many others, can be used as the top decorative stone. You can view the collection of these stones here. For simplicity, we will use the word "onyx" in the text.

Backlit Onyx

GlassOnyx onyx has many advantages over solid onyx:

  1. Lightweight: Onyx attached to glass is usually lighter than solid onyx. This can be an important factor, especially when designing large surfaces or objects, simplifying transportation and installation.

  2. Transparency: Glass adds transparency to composite onyx, creating unique lighting effects. This is particularly effective, producing a radiant glow and highlighting the unique patterns and colors of the onyx.

  3. Higher Strength: Glass gives onyx additional strength, making it more resistant to damage.

  4. Wear Resistance: Onyx attached to glass is more resistant to certain types of wear, such as scratches, thanks to the protective layer of glass.

  5. Impact Resistance: It is significantly stronger than solid onyx, which can be damaged upon impact.

  6. Stain Resistance: Solid onyx may be more prone to stains.

  7. Ease of Processing: Onyx attached to glass is easier to process than solid onyx, thanks to the more flexible glass material. This allows for the creation of more complex shapes and patterns.

  8. Design Flexibility: Glass with attached onyx is usually more flexible in terms of design, as it is easier to process and can be used to create more intricate forms.

  9. Lower Cost: Onyx attached to glass is less expensive than solid onyx, as less material is used in its production.

Some specific examples of the advantages of backlit onyx in GlassOnyx variant:

  • It is an ideal option for bar counters and finishing bathrooms where impacts or other damage are possible.

  • Reinforced onyx is often used to make backlit onyx countertops, windowsills, and other interior elements exposed to moisture and heat. Glass protects the onyx from these influences, extending its service life.

  • Reinforced onyx is frequently used to create mosaics, giving the mosaic additional strength and resistance to damage.

  • Reinforced onyx is also commonly used for decorative elements such as panels and columns. Glass gives these elements light weight and simplifies their installation.


Overall, reinforced onyx is a good choice for those looking for a more affordable, easier-to-process, and durable backlit stone finishing option.

Backlit Onyx

Backlit Onyx


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