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Duramica's Artistry in Stone: Unveiling a Symphony of Stone Surfaces

Updated: Feb 20

Welcome to Duramica, where each project transforms into a unique work of art with our natural stone surface finishes. Specializing in bespoke solutions, we craft surfaces tailored to meet both your aesthetic and functional needs.

Diverse Surface Finishes:

Duramica offers a broad spectrum of finishes, each reflecting different styles and preferences. From polished granite exuding luxury to acid-treated surfaces creating a rustic appeal, our finishes cater to various applications.

Examples of Surface Finishes:

Polished Surface

Duramica Polished Surface

Achieved through meticulous grinding, polished natural stone (for example polished granite or polished marble) boasts a glossy, mirror-like surface that enhances its natural color and patterns. Ideal for creating a luxurious ambiance indoors and outdoors.

Acid-Treated Surface

Duramica Acid-Treated Surface

This technique involves acid treatment to produce a textured, weathered appearance. Perfect for achieving a vintage and aged look, surfaces may exhibit speckled or multicolored patinas, adding character to stone panels.

Flamed Surface

Duramica Flamed Surface

The flamed finish is attained by subjecting the stone to high temperatures, resulting in surface peeling and roughness. Ideal for outdoor use, it imparts a natural, textured look to the stone.

Grooved Surface

Duramica Grooved Surface

Rifled surfaces feature specially cut lines or grooves, creating intricate patterns or textures. This finish adds visual interest and can be customized to produce various designs, offering both aesthetic and functional solutions.

Honed Surface

Duramica Honed Surface

The honed finish presents a smooth, matte surface that is pleasing to the touch. Achieved through grinding and polishing the stone to a uniform, fine-grained texture, it offers an exquisite and elegant appearance, perfect for creating a refined and timeless atmosphere in interior spaces.

Leathered Surface

Duramica Leathered Surface

The surface is treated to mimic the texture of leather, creating a warm and subdued effect, adding a unique character to the stone.

Surface Antique

Duramica Surface Antique

The Surface Antique technique is an artful process that imparts charm through textured surfaces, accentuating natural imperfections to craft a unique and character-rich appearance. Perfect for those with a penchant for vintage styles, this finish adds a touch of timeless elegance to any space.

Sandblasted Surface

Duramica Sandblasted Surface

Surfaces are treated with high-pressure directed sand for abrasive processing, creating a textured matte finish. It provides anti-slip properties and a unique tactile quality, suitable for outdoor use.

Rough Finish

Duramica Rough Finish

Intentionally textured and rough, this finish enhances the natural charm of the stone, providing both visual and tactile interest.

Bush Hammered

Duramica Bush Hammered

The Surface Bush Hammered technique involves treating the surface with a bush hammer, resulting in a textured appearance with small craters. This process provides a natural and rough appearance, adding an authentic touch to the stone surface.

Split Face Surface

Duramica Split Face Surface

Stone is split, resulting in a rough texture often used for walls and facades.

Cross Cut Surface

Duramica  Cross Cut Surface

Stone is cut perpendicular to its natural veins, creating a more uniform pattern without prominent veins.

Vein Cut Surface

Duramica Vein Cut Surface

Stone is cut parallel to its natural veins, emphasizing and highlighting the vein structure for a linear and elongated visual effect.

Innovative Paint Treatment

Duramica Innovative Paint Treatment

Our cutting-edge paint treatment technology is designed to give your project a modern and distinctive appearance using specialized paint application techniques.

3D Stone Surface

Duramica 3D Stone Surface

Duramica 3D natural stone panels feature textured surfaces that instantly captivate attention, setting the ambiance in any interior. These panels offer a myriad of textures, such as soft waves, stripes, graphic elements, or patterns, allowing for an endless spectrum of designs. Thus, there are no limitations to your design aspirations.

Discover the potential of textures and patterns with Duramica, where every stone project becomes a unique expression of style and beauty.


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