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ONYX: FROM CLASSIC TO INNOVATION: GlassOnyx - reinforced onyx panels

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GlassOnyx - reinforced onyx panels

Onyx, derived from the Greek word "claw," is a variety of chalcedony, a layered silicate rock and a form of agate. Used since ancient times as a decorative material in various artistic creations such as cameos and elements of Florentine mosaic, the term "onyx" in the world stone market often refers to a completely different natural material known as marble onyx - a sedimentary rock. Let's delve into it.

However, despite all its advantages, onyx has some drawbacks:

It is softer than marble or granite and requires special care. Onyx is prone to scratches and damage, so it is recommended to use it in low-traffic and low-light areas.


To turn these disadvantages into advantages, GlassOnyx reinforced panels of the Duramica family have been developed. The unique properties of reinforced onyx make it an attractive and practical material for interior design.

GlassOnyx - reinforced onyx panels
GlassOnyx - reinforced onyx panels

The highly decorative properties of marble onyx have always attracted the attention of craftsmen and designers. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in interest among architects and designers, transitioning marble onyx from the category of souvenir stone to elite finishing materials. The decorative and operational properties of marble onyx allow for its wide application in modern architecture and design. Its low water absorption enables its use in the production of baths and sinks, creating an effect of internal depth that harmonizes perfectly with water and its reflections. Another application of marble onyx is in fireplace design.

GlassOnyx - reinforced onyx panels

The excellent transparency of marble onyx allows its use in interior decoration: decorative columns, lighting, and illuminated tables blend seamlessly with other decorative elements.

GlassOnyx - reinforced onyx panels

The aesthetic virtues of marble onyx include several key aspects:

Color: Marble onyx is available in a wide range of shades, from milky white to red and blue. This diverse color range is provided by various impurities such as magnesium, copper, iron, and other oxides.

Pattern: Marble onyx often features wavy, striped, or mottled patterns, adding beauty and liveliness to the stone's aesthetics.

Translucency: A unique feature of marble onyx is its ability to transmit light to a depth of 50-60 mm. This allows its use as stained glass, adding depth and a special effect to its pattern.

Polishability: After polishing, the surface of marble onyx possesses a high reflective capacity, comparable to the best grades of marble.


GlassOnyx - reinforced onyx panels

In addition, onyx possesses energetic properties, considered a stone of harmony and tranquility, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Onyx is not just a beautiful but also a functional material, adding luxury and elegance to any project. Allow onyx to bring unparalleled beauty and sophistication to your home, and enjoy its unique impact.

GlassOnyx - reinforced onyx panels


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