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DURAMICA GEMSTONE PANELS: Your Journey into Elegance

Updated: 4 days ago

Duramica GemStone is a large-format panel crafted from an array of natural semiprecious stones and minerals, including lapis lazuli, jade, agate, malachite, tiger's eye, and other rare varieties. Since most semiprecious stones occur in nature in small dimensions, each stone is meticulously cut, polished, and processed individually. Subsequently, they are carefully assembled by hand into a panel, filled with special compounds, and subjected to technological treatments and polishing. The result is a solid, large-format panel showcasing a diverse range of semiprecious stone types and minerals.

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our GemStone Collection, a masterpiece of artistry where the radiant glow of precious stones meets the durability of modern technology. With each panel, experience a symphony of colors, patterns, and unparalleled quality, transforming both interior and exterior spaces into realms of luxurious elegance.

The Precious Stone Collection, boasting a mesmerizing 3 mm surface, transcends its role as a mere architectural element; it offers a journey into a realm where art, nature, and technology intertwine harmoniously. Every piece serves as a narrative, revealing the untold secrets of the Earth, encapsulated within each stone.

It is possible to produce curved and round gemstone panels




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